The Research Unit in Dependable Distributed Systems is a part of the Department of Information Science and Engineering at Kyoto Sangyo University. Our research interests cover all dependability and security aspects in distributed, IoT, and cloud-based systems.

More precisely, we develop mechanisms to improve reliability, availability, and security in distributed systems, IoT, edge-cloud systems (e.g., failure detection, TEE-based confidential computation, memory/execution obfuscation, data replication, penetration testing), and network protocols based on bio-inspired and metaheuristic algorithms.

Please refer to DBLP for our research results.

We have been involved in several research projects and obtained research funds such as JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. We have also been involved in international research projects such as the SAKURA project, which is a joint research project of JSPS (Japan) and SNSF (Switzerland). We are now seeking international research partners to have an international research collaboration and to exchange graduate students and postdocs for revitalizing research activities. Please contact the principal investigator (Prof. Naohiro Hayashibara) if you are interested in collaborating with us!